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As a leading creator of independent films, and a pioneer of Maverick Filmmaking, Dikenga Films, and its creator, Steve Balderson, are available for consulting on various media projects. Balderson is an expert in all aspects of the creation of visual media. From concept through screenwriting to pre-production planning, production and post-production execution, Dikenga is prepared to provide whatever services are needed.

Balderson is also a certified Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming. Made famous by Tony Robbins, NLP is a technology that unites the scientific understanding of how the brain functions with language skill training, resulting in an ability to increase personal achievement and rewards. Steve has captured this understanding in a series of “Maverick Masterclass” seminars, covering a range of topics that interest directors, actors, producers and those who just want to be more creative and more successful.

Your program is tailored specifically for YOU. Steve will begin with an initial Zoom or phone consultation to address your goals and objectives. From there, he’ll create a process for you to explore in achieving your specific goals. Because each journey is unique, each exploration will be different.


Depending on your location, resources and flexibility, Steve can work with you in several ways: at your location, at his office in Hollywood, by phone sessions, or by Zoom. Together we can find which is most beneficial to you for your process.


Hourly & Daily. Negotiable.


“Steve covers a lot of ground in just one day. Worth every minute.”

“A whole lot of information which is useful, understandable, inspiring and motivational. Transferable skills and a lot of generosity from Steve as a teacher.”


“To come away inspired and have your eyes opened to being more proactive in your career.”


“A thorough dissection of the process of making an independent film.”


“You will enjoy the insights of a director willing to share his finely crafted tools.  You will be given a thorough overview of the process of getting an indie film made from pre to post production.  The class will feel like a warm hug.  And you will leave feeling you have greater autonomy and personal power than you thought.”


Read Steve's notes about previous clients:

Maverick: JJ, United States

When JJ applied for the Maverick Mentorship Program, he stated his desired outcome was to make a short film.  He had an idea for a script, but had never written one.  Nor had he ever made a video, held a camera or taken a film class of any sort.  His Maverick Mentorship was designed in three phases.  Each phase consisted of 10 two-hour sessions held once every week or two, with supporting homework assignments in between sessions.  In Phase One, we watched and analyzed films, doing scene analysis and overhead camera planning, learning about aesthetics, tone and genre, and screenplay structure.  Phase Two began with the creation of a screenplay for a short film.  We also explored how to find the right team of actors and crew, secure locations, equipment, and reached the point where JJ was ready to actually shoot the work.  In Phase Three, he directed his short film.  After which, we handled all the post-production (editing, sound, music).  At completion, JJ had a fully finished short film ready for film festivals.  He achieved his desired outcome.

Maverick: HN, United Kingdom
I met HN at the Maverick Masterclass Intensive I offered at Raindance Film Festival in London.  HN is an actress and her desired outcome was to be cast in a juicy role which would showcase her talent.  We explored ways of finding out HOW she could achieve her goals without relying on other people (such as casting directors, agents, etc.)  After our Maverick Filmmaking work together, she and an actor friend co-wrote a feature-length screenplay, with fantastic parts for each other.  HN then cast herself in the role she wanted, and put together a team to produce, direct, co-star, edit, and score her film.  HN’s desired outcome was accomplished.

Maverick: CH, Canada
I met CH through a mutual friend.  CH had a feature-length screenplay that had been in some screenwriting contests and was well received, but no production companies were willing to option it or turn it into a movie.  So, CH applied for the Maverick Mentorship Program and within a few weeks was well on his way to making his dream a reality.  Even though he had no previous experience in filmmaking, he learned the process of making a business plan, how to find investors, organizing a budget, finding a director and team to produce and execute his screenplay on his terms.  The feature film of his screenplay became critically acclaimed and was released theatrically in North America and in Europe.  Now, CH is working on developing the feature concept into a TV Series which he also intends to produce.


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