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"Wamego: Making Movies Anywhere" (Part 1 of 3)

WINNER: BEST DOCUMENTARY FILM in over 10+ film festivals. Original release 2004. 10th year anniversary re-release 2014.

From the majestic prairie fires of Kansas, through the neon glow of a carnival, to a year-in-the-life journey on making a dream come true, this documentary follows The Balderson Family on their pursuit to prove anyone can make motion pictures anywhere. "Both entertaining and also highly inspirational," (planB magazine) this movie reveals independent cinema as it really is, on the set and off - a family of artists, celebrities and icons taking part of the process. "WAMEGO isn't just about dreams though, it's a statement to people that think movies can only be made in Hollywood. It's proof that the same product, if not better, can be made in Wamego, KS or Fayetteville, AR or even Xenia, Ohio." (All About Town magazine)

"Wamego Strikes Back" (part 2 of 3)

The sequel to the award-winning 2004 documentary WAMEGO: Making Movies Anywhere.

WAMEGO STRIKES BACK is both a documentary on the oft ignored world of indie film distribution and a pep talk to like minded filmmakers who feel strangled in the age of the bloated Hollywood monopoly, gazillion dollar budgets, shoddy distributors and even shoddier financiers. Not a traditional Making of… starts where most Making of’s end; with the selling and promotion of the movie; a crucial process in the production of a feature whose importance is rarely discussed.

Featuring legendary actress Karen Black, film consultant and professor Eric Sherman, Clark Balderson, Steve Balderson, Mike Patton, punk rock icon Pleasant Gehman (aka Princess Farhana), comedians Margaret Cho and Andy Dick, and the iconic Mink Stole.

"Wamego: Ultimatum" (Part 3 of 3)

WAMEGO: ULTIMATUM is the super-juicy tell-all making-of feature documentary (and the final installment of the award-winning WAMEGO trilogy) exposing tips, tricks and secrets how Steve Balderson's critically acclaimed and award-winning film WATCH OUT came to life -- from script to distribution. And most importantly, it shows you how to make your own movie. On your own terms.


"When we began making films DIY-style, people in the film 'establishment' made fun and laughed at us. So everything we did was documented to show that when we were ultimately successful, aspiring filmmakers and artists everywhere could learn how to do it themselves."
- Steve Balderson


Follow a year-in-the-life of director Steve Balderson and actors Matt Riddlehoover, Peter Stickles, Jeff Dylan Graham, Starina Johnson, Gaea Gaddy, Thashana McQueen, Timmy Red, Joseph Suglia, and the entire cast/crew of WATCH OUT, as they prove once and for all that "you don’t need to live in or anywhere near Hollywood to make movies. Places like Wamego, Kansas work just fine." (Film Threat)


"FIVE STARS. Perfect! If you’re an aspiring filmmaker, you’d be a complete fool not to watch ‘The Wamego Ultimatum’, as well as the other docs in this trilogy.”

"WAMEGO: ULTIMATUM is much, much more than a Making Of. There is no doubt in my mind that every independent film-maker should watch all three of the WAMEGO films. Every film-making class should show these movies to its students... They show you why you should make films."
- MJ SImpson, UK

Steve Balderson “makes Stanley Kubrick seem hands off … doesn’t have that egotistical, self-important, self-aggrandizing, douchebag, misanthrope, sociopath, Imperial attitude that a lot of directors have.”
- Jeremy Knox, FILM THREAT


"Essential viewing for any aspiring filmmaker!”

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