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“Filmmaking Confidential should be on your holiday shopping list. It would make an awesome holiday gift for anyone in your life that wants to enter the industry. This book is unpretentious and essentially a step-by-step guide for any age. With chapters like ‘Need Stars?“, “Product Placement“, and “Marketing: You Vs The Big Boys” Filmmaking Confidential is a down and dirty look into how Hollywood works and how you can get into the game."

- Liz Whittemore, REEL NEWS DAILY

“Filmmakers out there – I gotta tell you – GET THIS BOOK.  Some real gems.  I love this book.  The pearls (Steve has) in Filmmaking Confidential are godsends for filmmakers.  Godsends.  For those who are starting out, and even seasoned filmmakers – trust me, there are a lot of you out there who can really benefit from this book.” - Debbie Lynn Elias, BEHIND THE LENS
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About Filmmaking Confidential:


Since 1998, Steve Balderson has financed, directed, and sold 17 award-winning feature films which have been distributed worldwide.  And he has done so totally outside the Hollywood system.  Often asked, “How did you do that?” and “How can I do that” Steve decided it’s time to share exactly how he did it.

With a Foreword by Lloyd Kaufman (Troma) and Preface by Pleasant Gehman (Punk Rock Royalty), Balderson’s book “Filmmaking Confidential” is a volume of invaluable perspective, tips, how-tos and general philosophy about making independent films, no matter the budget, no matter the location.

Balderson worries little about who he will offend.  Instead, he focuses his attention on what it takes to be a productive filmmaker in an industry that is risk averse and locked in a world where rigid process seems more important than creativity.  This Kansas-born outsider has garnered awards, critical acclaim, and rave reviews globally, including one from Roger Ebert, who called him “Brilliant.”  His film Casserole Club is in the U.S. Library of Congress permanent collection; Firecracker (starring Karen Black and Mike Patton) won numerous accolades in film festivals around the globe.  And it goes on and on…

These kudos notwithstanding, the real potency of this book is how Balderson’s beliefs about making films and working with people – whether they be Oscar winning actors and Grammy winning musicians, or the waitress “extra” in the restaurant – have been the fuel for this remarkable collection of successful motion pictures.

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